Dance Zumba
with Silvana

It has never been so fun keeping in shape!

It has never been so fun keeping in shape!!!!

Originated in Colombia, Zumba is a mixture of latin rhythms - salsa, merengue, flamenco, cumbia and bachata - to the latest music and with aerobic exercises which has converted into being the "in way" to lose weight.  

Those that go to Zumba classes realise that the key to Zumba being the best form of exercise to lose weight radically is the mix of combined fast and slow rhythms with a series of exercises, with which you can lose those extra kilos and tone your body.   

But the most important part is that the participants enjoy exercising and feel good within themselves.....that they are happy; that to go to Zumba classes is like exercising at a huge party......the Rumba, which is how the Colombians celebrate their parties! 

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All levels
Tuesdays & Thursdays from 19:00 to 20:00

A complete training session of 1 hour which combines all elements of physical activity; cardio and muscular, balance and flexibility, increase in energy and lots of incredible benefits which you can enjoy after each class.  



Silvana Pitti

Silvana is Italian and has spent 20 years in theatre, mime theatre, starting in Venice and continuing in Paris, where she was Director of her own theatre for 10 years.  She has travelled over the world with her shows participating in festivals and international events.  She has been a Zumba instructor for 7 years.

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PRICES FROM 25 € per month
PAYMENTS MONTHLY & QUARTERLY (single class available for levels 2-4)

* PACK OF 10 CLASSES / HOURS (valid for 3 months)


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