Introducing NV Kids

It has been our dream and vision for some time now to open a musical theatre and dance school for kids and now that we are parents ourselves, we figured it was the perfect time! Therefore, welcome to NV KIDS!

For both of us, being on the stage & performing as children were our hobbies and passion (Niko acting & Marisa dancing!), which fortunately for us turned into our profession! We feel that learning, whilst enjoying what you are doing is the best way for children to meet their goals and dreams. What better way for your child to spend their afternoons and Saturday mornings but to join the NV Kids musical theatre and dance school?!

All areas of NV Kids; dance, zumba kids and musical theatre which incorporates acting, singing and dancing, will be taught by a group of young professional teachers.

The Teachers

Nicolas Valiente

Dance Teacher

Niko studied dramatic arts in the ESAD MALAGA and in the UK for a period of 4 years. He has performed in short movies and advertisements and applies his acting skills and experience to his dance performances and classes. Due to this, students enjoy and have fun in his classes (whatever the age) and spectators of shows enjoy his performances and feel engaged.

Marisa Cano

Dance Teacher

Marisa starting dancing at the age of 3 and without even realizing she qualified as a Ballet, Modern and Tap teacher. After meeting Niko 8 years ago, she then started learning Latin dances and together they are UK Salsa Champions 2011 and European Runners up in Salsa & Bachata 2013. They have been running the Nicolas Valiente Dance Academy now together for 7 years.

Marisa has a gentle, fun and encouraging way of teaching children to dance, bringing out the best in each of them and helping all to believe they can.

Francine Winter

Arts & Drama Teacher

Francine has a wealth of experience in theatre and TV. She has a BA Honours in Film Studios and writing / publishing studies and a national diploma in theatre and performing arts.

She is fantastic with children and has worked with children now for many years. Francine has performed in numerous Theatre productions in England & Spain and written, produced and directed shows.

Her love for her job and working with children, along with her enthusiasm is the perfect combination for teaching at NV Kids.

Musical Theatre & Dance

Musical theatre

In these classes children will be taught an hour of each element forming musical theatre; dancing, acting and singing. All teachers are professionals in their chosen fields and each bring their unique way to the classes.

These classes nurture essential life skills, building confidence, public speaking, clear communication and teamwork.

Our primary aim is for children to have fun whilst learning.

Teachers work together on different projects in order that the kids put together a musical theatre performance with opportunities to perform on stage at charitable events, theatres, festivals, etc. Children also perform two big musicals per year; one at Christmas and one for our end of course show.

Every child is a star!

Latin dances (5-8 years)

This class is great for your child to learn the basic latin steps (salsa, bachata, merengue) through fun animations and lively latin songs. They will learn to distinguish the different latin types of dance / music. They will also get an introduction to dancing in couple.

Latin dances (9-13 years)

At this age, we focus more on technique, partner work and styling. Salsa, bachata and merengue are very social dances, which is great for boys to learn to lead their partners and for girls to learn to trust and follow their partners.

Children learning Latin Dance will also be able to have the opportunity to compete.

Pre-ballet (4-5 years)

Your child will learn basis ballet skills, terminology, rhythm and coordination in this class. Ballet is a very disciplined dance and is great for childrens concentration, learning and discipline skills.

Primary ballet (6-8 years)

At this age your child is ready to learn the steps, technique and grace of classical ballet in a slightly more formal setting. tudents taking ballet classes tend to be more technically prepared and excel more quickly in other types of dance. Ballet is the base of every dance genre.

Modern / Jazz (5-8 years)

Modern Jazz dance is a fun and energetic style. This class starts with a warm-up including stretching, isolations and strengthening exercises. It then goes into moves across the floor to work on turns, leaps, jumps and runs and each class ends with dance combinations/show work.

Zumba kids

The motto for Zumba kids is "feeling fearless on the dance floor"!

This class features music, rhythms and beats along with zumba choreography broken into kid-friendly routines. It gives children an outlet to jump, dance, shake and swing their hips which makes for a great and fun fitness class. Zumba kids also incorporates games and activities helping children to gain coordination, self-confidence, overcome fears, learn about teamwork and much more.



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